34 Men

A tribute to those men of Moulton who died in World War I
In 1914 the village of Moulton consisted of 1100 souls. Of these 230 men went to war (I believe every able bodied man enlisted). This is an amazing figure for such a small population but was reflected in many other communities. Thirty four of them lost their lives, thirty without returning home. The pictures on the following pages are a tribute to them and their bravery.


war memorial 1Moulton War Memorialwarmemorial 3

Following Geoff Crompton's book '34 Men' the White brothers, who are members of Moulton Royal British Legion, decided to visit the places where the 34 men lie. The pages which follow are a record of those visits as well as a tribute those who gave their all to defend our freedom.

The White brothers
Great Cross
The Cross of Sacrifice or The Great Cross stands in every British Military Cemetery.
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