Womens Institute

All meetings take place on the second Monday of the month at 730pm in Moulton Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Street, Moulton, Cheshire

Please contact the Secretary for further details: [email protected]

Date Speaker Title Raffle etc. Competition Tea Hostess

13 Jan

Stephen Shakeshaft

Chester uncovered

H Thurlwell, S Upham

A useful craft tip

G Brain, J Carins

10 Feb

Keith Viggers

Mystery Shopper

J Walker, M Worrall

Birthday Meeting

An unusual shopping bag

J Christie, B. Derezinska

10 Mar

Ann Clowes

Poems and stories from a woman’s point of view

V Whyard. A Allen

A limerick commencing with “There once was a woman —-“

C Kirkham, S Ellershaw

14 Apr

Neil Cliffe

How I made my first million and spent it

M Atherton, S Barrow

Resolutions Meeting

How you would spend your first million

J. Gallimore, M Goth

12 May

Mike Clarke

The history of real chocolate

L Beeley, S Boden

Something home made from chocolate

G Harris, A Harrison

9 Jun

Joy Bratherton

Where are all the lads in the village tonight?

G Brain, J Carins

A red, white and blue article

M Hewitt, S Huband

14 Jul

Kate Crawley

Crafts- Learning by your mistakes

P Boyle, J Christie

A photo or picture of Chester

T Icely, D Lambert



8 Sep

Mr H Watson

The lifesaving work of the air ambulance in the Northwest

J Cochran, B Derezinska

A health and safety tip

S Newton, K Knight

13 Oct

Mr E Newton

A Busker’s life

S Ellershaw, M Evans

An old coin

P Mitchell, J Newsom

10 Nov Hugh Davies Women as special agents J Gallimore, M Goth AGM Break the code on the night! J Norris, M  Lyons
8 Dec Christmas Specials Hot Pot Supper Best wrapped Christmas gift